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Maximize your profits by providing immediate, massively-experienced, and personalized help for you and your biz.

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The X12 Mastermind brings together industry transformers and leaders to help people like you (if you qualify) gain access to the most relevant wisdom and strategies to grow your business and design your best life.

  • Curated discussions on topics and challenges that are TRULY relevant to you and your business right now, with like-minded individuals who are walking a similar path
  • The collaborative and creative environment you NEED to take your business where you want it to go
  • The tools, techniques, and feedback from those who have been where you’re wanting to go

X12 is the place where high-level Entrepreneurs go to get their next BIG breakthrough… With access to connection, contribution, and collaboration not available anywhere else.

Meet the X12 Mastermind Facilitator Steven Placey

Through his hands-on work, online courses and masterminds, Steven has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses create millions in new sales in his 20+ year career.

His direct problem-solving abilities, positive outlook and innovative ideas provide the blueprints for Entrepreneurs to finally turn their ideas into reality and help good companies to become GREAT by clarifying their positioning, expanding their reach, and increasing their revenues.


Hey, it's Steven here.

I have sat in on a lot of masterminds and brainstorming sessions over the years.

The sad reality is that in most of those OTHER meetings the conversations and advice are heavy on theory...

... and painfully lacking when it comes time to deliver specific, individual advice that attendees can put to use in their business.


Every time I attend one of those gatherings, I find myself hungry for a chance to dive deep into solving business problems:

...to create profitable, yet realistic and workable plans...

...instead of just shucking and jiving... tossing out a bunch of theory... without leaving anyone with specific steps to implement that will help their business grow.


This hunger... this frustration... knowing we could do more to help small business owners improve their marketing, their profits, and everything frustrating about their business (and all have some fun doing it)...

... is what motivated me to create X12 Mastermind Group.

Our #1 Goal is always:

Every attendee leaves with a 1-3 item Action Plan they will realistically be able to implement in 1-3 months.

  • Identify the immediate problems causing you pain so we can focus on your core business problems...
  • Shore up the weak parts of your current biz plan, so you're completely clear on what to do next...
  • Brainstorm (and then reality check) your most profitable ideas and opportunities with experienced, successful business owners...
  • Shake off the bad parts of being an entrepreneur, so you can get busy enjoying the wealth, happiness, and respect you deserve...
  • Find better resources, tech help, partnerships, and networking possibilities, and...
  • Quickly implement the most practical, solid, and profit-generating opportunities.

You get sessions where the entire group focuses exclusively on your situation.

Your goals. Your challenges. The skills and resources you have, and the ones you need to acquire to move up to the next level.

It's mind-blowing how much you will accomplish when you know exactly what your NEXT STEPS are going to be.

Meeting Format

You will sit around a small virtual table with experienced and successful marketers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners...

... who will all dedicate themselves, 100%, to helping you and your business thrive.

  • Once a month for 120 minutes - Tentatively set for last Wednesday of every month 8AM ET
  • (2) 45 minute facilitated deep dives into member businesses
    • Solving problems
    • Uncovering opportunities
    • Creating action plans
    • Lessons for all in attendance to gleam takeaways
    • Deep dive participants will be set in advance for prep
  • 5 min virtual breaks to grab some more coffee...
  • 15 min session where members are put into breakout rooms with 2-3 other members for accountability, action planning, discussion on a highlighted topic and more
  • Occasional guest expert facilitators and educational subject matter experts
  • All meetings facilitated by Steven Placey - 12 year+ Mastermind Facilitator

Mid-month happy hour session

Mid-month check-in session for following up, advice, direction and execution.
Also, a great way to build even deeper relationships with your fellow X12'ers.

Your community of experts available when you need answers...

  • Private X12 Facebook group
    • Stay connected 24/7
    • Get advice when you need it from people that have been where you are

1-1 Ask Me Anything Sessions

  • (3) 1 -1 sessions in the 12-month membership with Steven Placey
    • Bi-annual 1-1 "ask me anything" sessions
    • Action planning, integration, support, connections, etc
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