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I help Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners clarify their positioning, expand their reach, and increase their revenues.

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Branding and Business Development that will increase your influence, attract your target customers and grow your income. 


Through his hands on work, online courses and masterminds, Steven has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses create millions in new sales in his 20+ year career.

His direct problem solving abilities, positive outlook and innovative ideas provide the blueprints for Entrepreneurs to finally turn their ideas into reality and help good companies to become GREAT by clarifying their positioning, expanding their reach, and increasing their revenues.

Personally, he and his family can always be found in and around the ocean fishing, relaxing, playing and laughing while listening to music from reggae to metal (his fav!)

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Steven is also the Founder and President of Rock Your Business®, Inc., a Branding and Business Development Firm with a collection of uber talented creatives, marketing professionals and writers that can take any strategy Steven creates for a company and execute it with stellar results.

Steven has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses create millions in new sales.


From simple pivots to complete overhauls, we will clarify your positioning, expand your reach, and increase your revenues


Our programs are designed for people who are tired of wasting money on things that don't work, tired of wasting time and know their products / business can be GREAT - just need a little help getting there..

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If you are an Entrepreneur with Big Ideas but need to convert them into a profitable, scalable business, this program could be for you.

It's a world of unknowns at this stage: Will it work,? Will people love my stuff? How much can I sell it for? How will I build list of prospects?

We've helped many Entrepreneurs conquer all of their fears, finally get moving forward and create really awesome businesses!


You already have a good business but you KNOW it could better. We have found that it can be small pivots that can help a company evolve from good to GREAT!

From solopreneurs to multi-office small businesses; service providers to widget sellers you can achieve more!

Whether you just want to attract more customers, achieve higher sales or really blow the top off and crush records, this program may be just for you.

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Feed your mind and open your eyes to opportunity. Pick a collection below to get actionable, momentum-building advice perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.

The Podcast The go-to business podcast for people who want actionable profit building advice from real experts (zero fluff, guaranteed)

Blog and Downloadable Goodies Easy to digest, actionable tips you can implement today for fast results.

Video "From the trenches" tips and strategies from rockstar guests and I that are to help you attract, intrigue and convert customers.

Are you TRULY ready to stop being frustrated by slow or no growth? Just want to see results from your investment?

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