My Story

Hey I'm Steven Placey!

I am passionate about helping people.  My mission is to give you solutions to make your business more profitable and life a whole lot more fun!

i grew up building fences for my parents fence company and I learned very early on ....

be present in the here and now of your journey!

It came from making a powerful decision to no longer live brooding in the past, nor laser focused on my future, but rather rooted in the right now.


All My Best



Steven is the Profit Goal Butt Kicker. Uncovering profit enhancers inside companies is his jam!

His direct problem-solving abilities, positive outlook and innovative strategies provide the blueprints for Entrepreneurs to scale their business from good to GREAT.

He has 20+ years in working hands-on, consulting and corporate training.

Personally, he and his family can always be found in and around the ocean fishing, relaxing, playing and laughing while listening to music from reggae to metal (his fav!)

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