Innovative solutions to grow your net profit.

My mission is to give you solutions making your business more profitable and life a whole lot more fun.

Feed Your Brain...

The Rock Your Business Podcast


Amazing interviews with some great Business owners, giving out actionable steps in marketing, sales, finding and keeping great talent....basically what you need to kick profit goal butt!

If you're a "B type" personality and just like to ease into things, then start here with my 2021 Report.

Published in Feb 2021, it's packed with quick, simple growth strategies you should be doing but probably are not!


If you're an "A type" personality like me...

I don't like beating around the bush. I don't need another blanket course or online training program that isn't customized to my situtation.

I want someone to tell me exactly what I need to be doing or NOT doing in MY business to kick profit goal butt...



William Benner President and CTO
Pangolin Laser Systems

"I can't make a stronger recommendation than to work with Steven Placey and Rock Your Business"


David Kornegay , CMO
AmphiCoat Technologies

"We hired Steven to promote a brand new product. We couldn't be happier with the results. Steve is always full of innovative ideas that truly can help any business."

Hey, you made it down here! One last tip before you go...


Steven is the Profit Goal Butt Kicker. Uncovering profit enhancers inside companies is his jam!

His direct problem-solving abilities, positive outlook and innovative strategies provide the blueprints for Entrepreneurs to scale their business from good to GREAT.

He has 20+ years in working hands-on, consulting and corporate training.

Personally, he and his family can always be found in and around the ocean fishing, relaxing, playing and laughing while listening to music from reggae to metal (his fav!)



Steven is the Founder and President of Rock Your Business®, Inc., a Branding and Business Development Firm with a collection of uber-talented integrators that can take any strategy Steven creates for a company (or their ideas) and execute them with stellar results.

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